To The Letter
31 October 2021

A closer look at the details of the latest collection TYPE from SBW

In much the same way as the minimalist fashion movement of the 1990’s ushered in a sweeping change to the decadence and maximalism of the 1980’s runways, many modernist movements such as the Bauhaus school brought forth a response to the grandiose of movements like Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Forms became more streamlined, utilitarian and focused on communicating through visual language.

With the Type collection from SBW, the conceptual form of lettering has been interpolated into the design of tables and chairs and various pieces. Resolute edges meet classic curvature to create the shapes of letters, such as “N”, “S”, “C” and “D”. It further deepens the exploration of visual language, as we see shapes traditionally designed for “verbal” communication now juxtaposed into visual communication.

Blending monochromatic colours with the use of timeless textures such as natural stone and marble, the harmony across the collection is tied in by SBW’s balanced approach. Whether used as statement pieces, or configured into spatial settings, these pieces are adaptable, and carry with them not only a fresh perspective, but a nod to the legacy of design throughout history. 

The bold definition of the forms in the collection are not only visually striking, but also allow for proper utility, able to host ornaments or be used for everyday purposes. In the way letters form words that communicate meaning to us, the use of letter forms is repurposed here in a different light, allowing the pieces to communicate a visual language and meaning in the context of space, whether home or industry.