Established in 2011, SBW is a proudly Australian design house, specialising in producing furniture that marries the functional utilitarian aspect with visually captivating form. This blend of design elements has seen SBW service the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors worldwide, with adaptable furniture pieces that can be configured into existing spaces, or leveraged as standalone statement pieces. SBW offers the option of customisation, working closely with clients to accommodate needs of fabrication, texture and dimension.

SBW was shaped by the desire to afford the Australian market an imaginative, homegrown end-to-end furniture brand. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, SBW’s end-to-end furniture design house takes care in crafting unique pieces from ideation to fabrication. The brand designs with a considered balance between form and function to craft pieces that artfully augment spaces.

SBW is now celebrating 11 years in the Australian design landscape. The anniversary marks a decade of producing trans-seasonal, locally manufactured pieces and offering customisation to any array or spaces.

Founders Lisa Vincitorio and Laelie Berzon drew upon their respective award-winning backgrounds in Industrial Design and Visual Arts when founding SBW, and now over a decade on, continue to hone their astute design approach to bring locally designed and manufactured furniture to the world.