Melbourne-based Something Beginning With infuse a unique dynamic to the Australian design landscape through their intelligent and refined range of Australian made furniture. A sophisticated colour palette and simplicity both in form and materials are signature to the brand.

Born in 2011, from the creative pairing of founders Lisa Vincitorio and Laelie Berzon - with a vision to inspire, SBW strives to unify the functional with the visually captivating, to create a unique and balanced product blend.

With close to 10 years experience in product design, Lisa Vincitorio made her mark as the youngest Australian designer to partner with Alessi. She has achieved worldwide recognition for her designs with Alessi and won an award at Tokyo Designers Block 2005. She has numerous products in production and supply with Australian distributors and is commissioned to design furniture for events such as the Flemington Races.

Laelie Berzon has a background in Interior Design and Visual Arts, teamed with a solid grounding of the furniture industry. Bringing artistic insights to the practicality of everyday items forms a strong and inspiring fusion, producing a collection that has relevance and longevity.

Servicing the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors, SBW assist in the selection of adaptable furniture that can meld into an existing space or allow the client to create an individual statement through customisation.

SBW offers a range of services available to the Interior Design sector; whether it is a modification to a specific product within our range or the development of a new product, SBW can customise a product tailoring it towards our client's requirements. We work in conjunction with the client to achieve an optimal result for their nominated project with precision, consistency and dedication.

A Melbourne-based manufacturing network enables SBW to design, manufacture and deliver a high quality product with a desirable 4-6 week window.