• HIGHLIGHT 1/ MindCraft @ Brera

    Filling a courtyard, these fabric forms towered over you. Coupled by eerie music the installation had almost an enchanted feel.

  • HIGHLIGHT 2/ Senses of the Future / Tokujin Yoshioka x LG @ Superstudio

    A choreography of light. In a pitch black, smoke filled room, this performance first begins with an array of chairs, made from LED screens playing a sequence of moving colour and then flashes of white light. Suddenly, the room darkens and all of a sudden the back wall, made up of thousands of tiny LED panels illuminate, almost in heavenly declaration.

  • HIGHLIGHT 3/ Giro Giro Tondo / Design for Children @ La Triennale

    As you walk across Pinocchio’s nose into the exhibition you are greeted by iconic designer items such as the Proust chair by Alessandro Mendini, but gigantic versions. It is like stepping into the giants home from the story of Jack and the beanstalk. A playful and inspirational display, which will surely bring out your inner child.

  • HIGHLIGHT 4/ Maarten Baas 101 Chair @ Ventura Centrale

    What a theatrical presentation of the new 101 Chair by Maarten Baas. And like all things Baas, this presentation was certainly left of center in the most magical way. The 101 chairs, each unique were centre stage and surrounded by megaphones, each whispering to the audience, almost chanting to you. The effect was mesmerizing, playful and definitely memorable.

Salone di Milano 2017
10 May 2017

Now that the dust has settled, and we have finally found our feet again, we thought it might be nice to share our highlights from our whirlwind trip to the Salone di Milano this year…..