• Pictured our Oscar sofaMaiko coffeeRen chairMaiko side tableMia XL tableNatural Ren, and Charlie chair accompanied by Jo Wilson Totem 02, Dinosaur Designs Cloud bowls, and Sprout vase, Blakebrough+King Zigzag candlealbra, and Resident Parison pendant and Spar floor lamp.



    Dion Horstman’s Prismatic 7 sculpture is pictured with our Ari sofaLili 2 tier table and David Moreland Knight Light.

    New Zealand born, Sydney sider Dion Horstmans, is an acclaimed sculptor who works welding magic with his powder coated steel and sheet metal creations. With geometric linear forms, some dynamic and strong, others soft and fluid, they command attention and thought provoking in their complexity.

    Ever changing with their environment, his sculptures captivate you as light casts shadows off them, creating a visual display.

    A 2011 finalist in the Prometheus Art Award and Sculpture by the Sea, he has been featured in Vogue Living, Harpers Bazaar, The Age amongst many other notable achievements such as Super Sonic, a 91 piece, 59 tonne public art sculpture for 707 Collins St, Melbourne. Dion works on private and commercial commissions, and is represented in Melbourne by The Flinders Lane Gallery. Do we love Dion’s art? We will answer that in his own words, “Fuck Yeah!”


    Dinosaur Designs Sprout vase is pictured with our Oscar sofa, and Array side table

    Artists Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, founders and creative directors of iconic Australian brand Dinosaur Designs, have been a household name for almost three decades. They not only have stores throughout Australia, but also New York as well as many other international stockists.

    With their philosophy of colour and form, working primarily with resin, their talented team creates beautiful and organic sculptural objects for the home as well as jewellery. Every piece is crafted by hand in Australia, passing through many pairs of hands in the process, giving each piece the slight differences that make them so unique.

    Having collaborated with the likes of Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton, Dinosaur Designs have received countless awards and recognition over the years, and their excitement of the creative process and always asking ‘what’s next’, will no doubt continue their successful journey in the global market.


    Nicole England, the talented woman behind the lens, was inspired by conversations with her family around the dinner table, which led her to studying photography at Elam School of Fine Arts.

    Nicole’s photographic focus is contemporary architecture and interiors. She has an acute eye for light, form and surface.

    Her work has been published in numerous national and international magazines and journals including InDesign, Artichoke, Belle and House and Garden.

    Her expertise, direction and warm demeanour always makes her a pleasure to work with.


    Jo Wilson’s Totem 2 sculpture is pictured with our Mia side table and Mia XL table.  Also pictured is the cloud side plate and Flower vase by Dinosaur Designs

    Melbourne Artist Jo Wilson has been an artist in the mediums of works on paper and crafting timbers, for over 26 years now, with a Bachelor Degree and Master of Fine Arts from Monash University. Her time is split between her studio and being an educator.

    In 1999, she established ‘Basis’, a small practice through which reclaimed Australian native hardwood is sculpted into limited edition pieces. Eco sustainability is of great importance to Jo, and sourcing of recycled wood is paramount.

    Inspired by simple objects like the shape of glasses, bowls, and the machine’s at her father’s moulding factory, Jo’s sculptures allow for a sharp and clean finish with this raw material. Her elegant and classic forms in this strong medium add warmth to any space.

    Her works have been acquired by various acclaimed architectural firms and other notable clients such as Cate Blanchett and David Hicks. She has private collections in Australia, New Zealand, London and New York. Her work is available from Criteria Collection in Melbourne.

  • Pictured our Finn easy chairArray coffee table, and Ari sofa accompanied by Dinosaur Designs Cloud plate, and Sprout vase, Blakebrough+King Zigzag candlealbra and Resident Spar floor light.

7 April 2016

Each year, once the hangovers of New Years have subsided, and we’re back at SBW HQ, we set the tone for the year ahead.  A campaign photo shoot follows, allowing us to share this intention and feel with our community and the industry.

Late February, we did just that, and we’d love to share with you some of the beautiful images which were captured, as well as some of the people who contributed in making it a success…

From the initial vision and creating a concept, to art direction and styling onset, we carried through the entire process in house, which was a cathartic process for us. We find this produces images which are an authentic reflection of us as a brand and partnership – with a keen eye of the photographer behind the lens of course.

This year, we wanted to take a minimal approach to accessorising, as we wanted our furniture to speak for itself. In a sense, not having an abundance of props meant there was nothing to hide behind, allowing soul focus on angles, composition and the details.

The location which set the foundation for our shoot, was at Melbourne’s renowned Establishment studios, complimenting perfectly the paired back and refined feel we were seeking.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with a select group of incredibly talented artists, who were a pivotal part in making our vision a reality that exceeded our expectations.

Rather than a simple credit in small font in an inconspicuous location, we wanted to introduce and celebrate each of these inspiring and diverse creatives, to show our appreciation for their contribution.