Ari Curve
Design by SBW

Ari embodies a picture of perfect composure, inspired by the grace of fine lines and sweeping curves, achieving a harmonious synthesis of both elements. Its clean and modern presence is highlighted by the sofa’s multitude of modular configurations, including straight sections, curved sections, inverted sections with low or high backrests, and the option for an ottoman-style backless version.

Ari effortlessly charms in both residential and commercial settings, offering a memorable and inviting seating solution that shines, particularly in the lobby areas of commercial environments. Tailoring your comfort is a breeze – you can specify foam density to suit your preferences.

Ari is incredibly versatile, available in a range of sizes and configurations, with fabric or leather options. It boasts a durable powder-coated base, available in various powder-coated colors.

Ari optimizes space efficiently, providing style and comfort without overwhelming the room.


GECA certified MDF, ply and AFS certified plantation timbers

Mild steel, powder coated

Com fabric or leather

Single topstitch
French seam

2400W x 1200D x 730H mm, 415SH mm
Lead Time
4 - 6 Weeks