D Plinth
Design by SBW

Innovative in form in their category, the D, N and S Plinths are meticulously crafted from mild steel, available for powder coat in a plethora of colours, adding a sensory stimulant to their surrounding environments. Custom finishes such as linished stainless steel are also available upon request.

The Type collection reimagines the conceptual form of lettering, seamlessly integrating it into this table design.  chairs, and various pieces. It brings together resolute edges and classic curvature to shape letters like ‘N,’ ‘S,’ ‘C,’ and ‘D.’ This collection delves deeper into the exploration of visual language, transforming shapes traditionally associated with ‘verbal’ communication into a new realm of visual expression.

Type is a harmonious visual collection, uniting sculptural tables and seating solutions. It blends sharp, distinct forms with a refined and muted color palette, infused with a bold graphic sensibility.


Mild steel, powder coated



Please refer to colour selector guide below.

350W x 380D x 650H mm
Lead Time
6 - 8 Weeks