B9 Planter
Design by Studio Ciao

The visual language of the B9 Design resonates at core of Studio Ciao’s exploration of scale whilst drawing from the rich histories of the past. The generous 480mm diameter plant space provides the opportunity to display large plants and trees whilst elevating the greenery.

Three oversized, large columns provide the podium for the floating-like upper vessel. The dynamic between the two elements provide an almost ying yang relationship and the beauty is created in their marriage. This sculptural form has a commanding presence whilst touching on a Bauhaus aesthetic – defining new cross overs, pushing the parameters whilst remaining true to tradition is key to Studio Ciao’s ethos.

The B9 design is a welcomed addition to the Studio Ciao family and is already a favourite with architects and designers globally. Unique and generous in scale, contemporary as it is classic, sculptural as it is functional, this recent inclusion continues to encourage conversations at the intersection of sculpture and functional art.

Providing the versatility to work in an interior and/or exterior context, The Studio Ciao Collection of planters create unique solutions for a range of applications, within residential, hospitality, workplace and retail projects. For external applications or to plant directly into the vessel, please advise your sales representative prior to purchasing. Planters intended for an external application require a UV stable powder coat and drainage holes will be added upon request. Direct planting will require an additional waterproofing membrane.

The Studio Ciao Collection of planters are effortlessly customised through the endless available colours and finishes, including raw, linished and polished stainless steel as well as an infinite range of custom Studio Ciao powder coat colours and stripe combinations.


Premium grade aluminium or stainless steel

Drainage holes fitted upon request for external applications.


Please refer to the powder coat colour selector below.

Custom colours and finishes available upon request.

480DIA x 990H mm
Lead Time
6 - 8 Weeks