M2 Mirror
Design by Studio Ciao
The M2 Mirror from Studio Ciao’s Miro collection presents a distinctive diamond design with sleek lines and unique detailing. Centred on the diamond, nine circular mirrors provide stunning visual interest and furthermore, nine options when applying your lipstick. In true neoclassical style the Miro collection redefines the status quo, Miro like Botanika explores historical design details and theories whilst delivering a contemporary outcome through a highly considered process. Mirror, pure, precious, delicate, expansive and universally used throughout history is perfectly juxtaposed and balanced against the bold contemporary shapes of the Miro collection. The slim line profile creates an elegance, the sculptural forms are brilliant as they are functional and the principles of light and motion in Studio Ciao’s Miro collection are effortlessly achieved, celebrated and transformed with the use of colour.All Studio Ciao products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Aluminium, powder coated

1300W x 1300H mm, custom sizes available
Lead Time
4-6 Weeks