Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Creative genius of Eades and Bergman and Paul Grummisch, Hello Sailor is a gorgeous addition to Hawthorn's Auburn Rd.

Following owner Wade Nicholson-Doyle's Navy history and in honour of his sailor grandfather, they have created a subtle and fresh Nautically themed cafe, which provides an inviting and casual dining experience.

 Utilising crisp whites, polished concrete, worn timber and raw copper pipe, you are given a hint of the sea side, without looking out of place in its inner city location.

SBW Hello Sailor Baso Otto Furniture Australian Made

An eclectic mix of unusual ceramics, assorted graphic picture frames and gorgeous greenery, this café creates a delightful ambiance and a place where you can easily enjoy a long leisurely breakfast or lunch.

SBW Hello Sailor Baso Otto Furniture Australian Made1

  White powder coated Baso tables with laminate tops are scattered along banquet seating.  The Baso table is a simple disc table available in an assortment of different sizes, powder coat colours and table finishes.

SBW Hello Sailor Baso Otto Furniture Australian Made2

Our simply beautiful Otto Rectangular table has been partnered with an assortment of white and timber stools to create a casual and inviting communal dining area.  The Otto table is a family of table bases available in various options.  From a 3 star pedestal side table to a large rectangular meeting table, its range offers a solution for all applications.