Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We often get asked where our products are made and for that matter, why we keep our manufacturing here in Australia.

In fact with so many companies moving production off shore we have recently given some serious thought as to why we feel so passionately about keeping our manufacturing in Australia.

With that in mind we would like to share our top 6 reasons why we keep all our manufacturing in Australia; 

We are designers 

Like all designers we believe in our craft and in producing original work that meets the brief we work to. We love the process of design so keeping manufacturing close by helps us refine our skills as designers as we learn from the vast experience and knowledge of our Australian manufacturers.

We love the details 

With the cost savings of moving off shore also comes less access to the prototyping stages of product development. For us this is an essential stage of the design process allowing us to touch and feel our products as they move from 2 dimensions to finished samples. By keeping this stage local we ensure that even the slightest design adjustments are quickly made to ensure a perfectly resolved product is delivered to you.


Line Up: The laya is getting a thorough once over to ensure each leg is straight and square.

Customisation is king 

For those of you who have worked with us you will know that we are suckers for customisation. Need a table that’s a bit bigger, taller or even something completely bespoke? Then you’re in the right place! Needless to say without local manufacturing we wouldn’t stand a chance in bringing your ideas to life and making our products that little bit more special for you.


The Otto rectangular table can be transformed to suit your needs.  Here is a base in production suitable for a 7mt top.

Quality counts

There are a lot of high quality manufactures still operating in Australia and we are proud to be working with 7 great examples.  Their work is consistent, high quality and we know that it will meet the physical and aesthetic demands of our client’s projects every time.

It feels good

Lets face it we all need to help keep our industry and manufacturing alive and it feels pretty good to know that we are really helping keep skills alive and people working in Australia. So go on, give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it!


The Oscar chair is lovingly upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather.

Time is on our side

The last reason is that we know that short lead-times really help our clients – local manufacturing means that we can deliver your order, custom or standard, in some of the most competitive lead-times possible.


So next time you stop to wonder why its important to support local design and manufacturing please think of this, our top 6 reasons to keep manufacturing in Australia.