Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We like to think that our furniture designs help to bring people together. This is a key reason why they were chosen for the recent refurbishment of Perpetual Trustees’ office in Melbourne’s CBD!

Perpetual Trustees is an independent and diversified financial services group that recently called on the architecture and interior design expertise of Studio 103 to create a new design for their workplace.

SBW Perpetual Oscar Array Lili Loop

The brief was to design a vibrant and energised office that also maintained a corporate feel. Studio 103’s director, Catherine Quinn, says the design required a careful balance. “They are a conservative company that is used to a conservative environment, so we couldn’t suggest anything too out there, but we wanted to invigorate it and bring more life to the office environment.”

Studio 103’s response was to create vibrant breakout spaces and meeting rooms while maintaining a more traditional look for the workspaces.

A key feature is the use of geometric patterns on the walls and the window glazing, which is repeated throughout the fitout as a dynamic design element.

SBW Perpetual Oscar Array Lili Loop Detail

Perpetual’s corporate colour is a dark shade of blue and Studio 103 selected complementary colours and blonde timber joinery to balance the dark shade. “We also chose copper fittings throughout the space because they contrast beautifully with the blue,” says Catherine.

Studio 103 selected our versatile, stackable Zac Chairs and Lili Stools as well as our Loop Table for breakout areas.  Our beautifully balanced Array Dining Table and our simple, elegant Oscar Chairs were also selected for their timeless appeal and comfort.

“We chose SBW furniture for any space where people gather together and want to sit comfortably,” says Catherine. “What we love about SBW is that their styles are so well priced for what they are. And they’re so versatile. We had the chairs covered in a beautiful blue for the breakout areas and we could have the designs customised for whatever we needed.”

SBW Perpetual Oscar Array

It was a pleasure to work with Studio 103 on the Perpetual Trustees office and to be able to specify our furniture designs to suit the unique needs of the project. It’s great that our designs can help bring people together in a productive way!

Credit: Photography by Aaron Pocock