Monday, October 12, 2015

We are thrilled to finally share our brand new showroom in downtown Collingwood.

Following our foundation in 2011, we have been fortunate that our collection has grown organically and are amazed that it now encompasses such an assortment of products including tables, seating, ottomans, sofas, rugs and storage.


With an expanding range it's no surprise that the Something Beginning With showroom is all about the furniture. Infact, we’re letting the pieces do the talking with an interior scheme that allows us to present a concise outline of the Something Beginning With collection, whilst providing the flexibility to change things up as we release new products.

Purposely simple, refined and understated, the showroom serves as a backdrop to highlight the ability of our furniture ranges to reside side-by-side within a design environment, and encapsulate our design intent that all furniture should work together effortlessly.

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We also believe that Collingwood’s vibe is a great reflection of Something Beginning With’s business ethos and our diverse and bespoke collection has the added benefit and convenience of being only a few minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD.

As we have peeled back the inner-city onion that is Collingwood, we have discovered layers of quirky creativity, local history, infamous characters and effortless charm. Collingwood is home to makers, designers, artists and is a recognized destination for original design and products with a point of difference.


Fittingly, our new address in the Glassworks Building provides commercial space for multiple businesses including showrooms, design studios and creative headquarters.

Our Melbourne made collection sits perfectly in this area where individuality and authenticity is celebrated and we really look forward to showing you around.

Where: 107/25 Gipps Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Who: Trade and retail customers are welcome by appointment

To make an appointment

Tel: 1300 396 487 or Email: