Friday, July 31, 2015

It’s been another exciting month for us at Something Beginning With including the completion of one of our latest projects for HESTA Super with the gorgeous team at Hot Black Interior Design.

HESTA is Australia’s largest super fund dedicated to the health and community services industry. The organisation was seeking an interior that reflected its premium location in Melbourne’s CBD while also highlighting its corporate brand identity. Equally importantly, HESTA wanted the interior to enable more effective collaboration among its eight departments.


That’s where the team at Hot Black Interior Design really got to work! They conducted a series of surveys to gain a better understanding of each department’s requirements and developed a design concept that perfectly captured their needs.

The resulting 1500 sq/m workspace features organic, fluid forms and finishes that enable a sense of ownership of the space for everyone. There are open spaces, breakout areas and, in keeping with HESTA’s commitment to the environment, only environmentally friendly materials were used.


A key challenge to the design was to incorporate HESTA’s prominent corporate colours of green and purple. “Purple can be quite garish so we combined a natural canvas with lots of timber to soften the strong colours,” says Sophie Safrin, Design Director at Hot Black Interior Design.

The team at Hot Black recognised our furniture as the perfect match for their interior concept both in terms of its durability but also its solid and organic design. As a result we were thrilled to supply 39 of our Ren chairs for the breakout and tea-point areas of HESTA’s workplace. Made from European Beech Wood, Ren’s industrial adhesives and hex head bolt construction make them perfect for heavy-duty commercial use such as this, whilst the chairs organic and delicate profile fitted the overall aesthetic perfectly.


Another key detail that made Ren the perfect choice was the option of a ‘sock’ detail which was used to add some visual contrast. Infact in this instance, we were able to provide a subtle nod to HESTA’s corporate colours by incorporating stylish violet socks onto the white chairs.

“The Ren chairs have got a sense of strength,” says Sophie. “I posted a picture of a row of the chairs on Instagram and I captioned it ‘An army of Ren chairs’ because they appear so strong. They have a fluid form with a curved back and are not rectilinear like a lot of furniture. They’re also very comfortable so they’re perfect for the breakout spaces. They stand proud among the other design features.”


We stand proud by all of our designs and were very happy to provide a bespoke touch to our Ren chairs for the HESTA project.