Monday, September 29, 2014

People always ask us how we go about designing a new product for our range.  What is the process?  How do we start?  

Well here it is, our formula.  The method to our madness...

Usually commencing with a good glass of red, each product goes through a stringent process from concept to production to ensure that it is not only tailored to our market but to an efficient and cost effective manufacturing technique.  This process comes from experience within both sales and production avenues.

Each product follows the process below:

  • We commence our concept generation with a discussion.  It is a discussion based on direction, what type of product we currently lack in our collection, and what we feel our market needs.
  • Following this, we generally sketch our ideas.  At this stage we generally have a rough idea of what the final product will be made from.


Initial sketch series for Laya Coffee Table and Laya Side Table

  • Our sketches are then realised using a 3D modelling program.  It is at this stage that the product is engineered with the final material/s in mind.


  • At this stage, initial technical drawings are produced, providing enough information for our manufacturers.
  • Relevant manufacturers are engaged to look at the new design, and a discussion relating to its production takes place.  This is the time that advise is given by the manufacturer on how the initial design may need to be altered to be a more effective final product ie. Ease of manufacture, cost efficiency etc.
  • Any alterations are made and re-documented.
  • Costings are made on both prototype and production based on shop drawings.
  • A prototype is made.  Testing on ergonomics, aesthetics and strength and stability are carried out.  The manufacturer will re-evaluate initial quotation given, taking into account the prototypes production times.  It is also at this stage that we deem the product viable for production.  If so, the product is added to our range and ready for order.
  • The product is then photographed, added to our website and marketing material.

 SBW 29Oct2013 042

Prototype complete - Laya Side Table.  Pictured in black powder coat with American Oak top.

SBW 29Oct2013 022

Prototype complete - Laya Coffee Table.  Pictured in black powder coat with American Oak top.

SBW 29Oct2013 037 Edit

Prototype complete - Laya Coffee Table nested with Laya Side table

SBW 29Oct2013 040

Prototype complete - Detail view of Laya nesting.